Friday, November 27, 2009

Stupid Turkey

So Erik and I are the hosts for Thanksgiving 2009 and we've got 7 people here; mom, dad, Aunt Renie, Uncle Casey and my cousin Clark.  Because we have travelers from NC, TX and NY we decided to do Thanksgiving on Friday. Well today is Friday and this is what our turkey looks like...

Well, according to the little booklet that came with the turkey it said that it takes 24hrs for every 4 lbs. So I took the turkey out on Tuesday night and it should've been ready by this morning. In case the picture wasn't abundantly clear - the booklet lied! Luckily my dad and Erik went up to the Lexington Market in Baltimore and got the best crabcakes on the East Coast. These crab cakes have won about 12 awards in the last 15yrs for best crab cakes.

They were amazing and gigantic!!

The pecan pie was delicious too!

In other words, Erik and I will be eating turkey for the rest of the month. Turkey Fail.

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  1. May I just say, hahhahahaahaha!!! That WOULD happen to you! A similar travesty happened to me one year too, except I ended up not cooking the turkey long enough...ugh.